About me (who I am depends on my mood)

A stroppy older mum’s reflections on parenting – after 10 years of hit-and-miss motherhood, gut-wrenching guilt, endless frustration.
At 43, in the midst of raising a 11-, 8- and 4-year old, I’ve finally found my voice (sort of), decided to enjoy my frantic life (most of the time) and to stick two fingers up to anyone who tries to tell me what to think, say or do… (always!)
I’m a journalist, communications consultant, writer and wannabe author, Chardonnay quaffer, novice triathlete trying to recover from runner’s knee by doing yoga, swimming, cycling and drinking more Chardonnay. (My standard response to any setback, achievement, disappointment… anything, really)
Find out why my blog is called Why is her so stroppy? ( apart from obviously summing up my daily state of mind since turning 40 a few years ago).
I’m also an expat mum, who has lived in Berlin (before kids), Paris (with a newborn) and since then London (on the outskirts) and whose heart will always be somewhere on Table Mountain taking in the most beautiful view in the world.

Cape Town - where my heart is

Cape Town – where my heart is

22 thoughts on “About me (who I am depends on my mood)

  1. Honestly.

    Hi there,
    I nominated your blog for the Liebster Award! Congratulations! If you hate me for that just ignore this. It means I enjoy reading your blog and you have under 200 followers and someone nominated me so I’m paying it forward! So now the request is that you do the same – answer the following 11 questions, nominate 11 (I only had 8) blogs under 200 followers you like, and relish in the glow of the liebster.

    AND Your Questions Are (answer long or short, one word or fifty, I don’t care)…

    1)What was the last thing you said?

    2) What are you doing after 5pm today?

    3) What would you do for a profession (anything) if you knew you would succeed?

    4) Favorite quote?

    5) Do you search forever to find a close parking spot or just park and walk?

    6) What’s you’re remedy for cleaning your stove top?

    6) How do you deal with anger?

    7) Have you ever had shark?

    8) Organic or who cares?

    9) What is your primary responsibility?

    10) What’s one thing you want to know about me (not that I’ll answer)?

    11) If you believe in a “higher power”, how do you define it and/or what do you call it?

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  3. Evelyn So

    Love this description…don’t we all have multiple selves depending on the day/time/mood? As a fellow “older mom”, I can relate :) I lived in London for years (and before that Brighton) before moving to Canada. Great place to raise a family (got 2 boys) but missing England a lot. Plan to be there this summer, husband and kids in tow.

    1. whyishersostroppy

      And as an expat don’t you find you also end up feeling not quite yourself in almost any culture – including your own? You don’t quite fit in anywhere any more, apart from communities of expats with similar experiences? Throw into the mix a cross-cultural marriage and you’re constantly having to invent new versions of yourself.

      1. Evelyn So

        (long reply alert!)
        Actually, I love being multi-cultural. But it seems to be confusing for others because most people like to have a simple answer to “where are you from?”. To say that I was born in Hong Kong and spent my childhood there, people assumed a specific stereotype that does not apply to me..and then through my accent people were confused….a Brit-sounding Chinese in Canada…But all makes for great convo openers.

        I do feel significantly out out place in my younger years when England was my home (teenager, both degrees, work) but not according to the UK government (no right of abode), and across the pond Canada reminded me to go back to my legal home (family moved there when I was a minor)….that was very weird. We do have a cross-cultural marriage and it feels very normal and comfortable, especially in a place like Canada.

        Re-inventing myself? That’s a regular thing. And it is a good thing :)

        1. whyishersostroppy

          Love long replies. You and I seem to have a lot in common, although you don’t sound nearly as stroppy as I am! I am South African with a German husband, having lived in Cape Town, Berlin, Paris and London. My husband is constantly threatening to move us elsewhere and although I’m terrified, there’s a part of me that thrives on new challenges and being multi-cultural like you.

      2. Caroline Job (@lunchboxworld)

        that is the trouble with being an expat – you become a bit of a nomad, or gypsy and every holiday you go on, you actually consider living there as well – maybe, one day, who know. You are open to anything and everything x

    1. whyishersostroppy

      HI – Thank you so much for nominating me for The Liebster Award – I’ve been nominated by two other bloggers recently so probably should not hog the limelight and accept again, but I so much appreciate you thinking of me :)
      Will go and check out your latest post now.

    1. whyishersostroppy

      Thank you for your nomination! I have indeed been nominated twice before and before my head gets too big ;) – should probably pass on this opportunity – thanks for stopping by and nominating me. Love your gravatar pic. Will check out your blog shortly.

  4. Cameron Von St. James

    Hi there! I was reading up on your blog just now and had a quick question. Could you please email me back when you have a moment, thanks!



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